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Taxpayer Perspective.

We all want value for our tax dollars. 

We recognize that small rural cities and counties often have similar, if not identical, mandated requirements and objectives as their larger urban peers.  Our challenge was to develop a viable solution offered via an equitable pricing model.  We succeeded.

Our original target market was rural government.  More often than not, they lack the financial resources and/or business process subject matter expertise.  We discovered that collection and compliance responsibilities are often considered as "and other duties as required" and assigned as a collateral duty.  These employees should not be faulted as they typically "do the best they can with what they have".  We've implemented in counties that used index cards, ledgers and Microsoft® Excel™ resulting in increased annual collections of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Our successes in the rural segment exposed us to urban customers suffering from similar fates.

Defendant/Respondent value is also important and they too, might be considered a stakeholder.  They too, more likely than not, are taxpayers.  Is it acceptable to not exhaust all reasonable efforts to collect monies before farming the cases out to a third-party knowingly punishing them with an additional thirty fee (+/- 30%) and subjecting them to private sector collection threats and actions?  For those that agree, really?  We have several arguments that support our position and welcome debate.  Outsourcing collections should be a last resort - not your entire collections strategy. 

Contact us now and ask us about your city or county office or department that could benefit from our offer - you'll be surprised at the affordability.  In Texas, some of our early adopters (rural counties) pay as little as $3,600 per year.  Now that's taxpayer value.

Since 2007, we've enabled counties and cities across the country to cashier, collect, and account for over $500,000,000 - yes, that's 1/2 billion dollars.  They're averaging over $60,000,000 annually with an average collections rate that exceeds 70%.


"After all, its our tax dollars too..."


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