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Judicial Perspective.

Criminal and Civil courts are often frustrated by technology and processes that cannot, do not, or will not support their judicial discretion.

Court collections and compliance can be a complicated and complex process.  That's why we attacked it first!  Adults, juveniles, joint responsibility, split or several responsibility, Capias Pro Fines, warrant backlogs and roundups, probation expiration, rocket dockets, etc. all require proper management   

The failure to recognize this reality inevitably jeopardizes most court collection and compliance efforts.  Cities and counties mistakenly attempt to broker judicial consensus in a valiant attempt to define minimum requirements that satisfy all.  While a noble pursuit, this approach is flawed and often fails.

Judicial compromise should not be required to implement efficient, effective collections and compliances.  A successful solution must satisfy the requirements of each individual and unique court - both today, and tomorrow.  The triers of law and fact in each District, County, Justice of the Peace, Appellant, Municipal, Truant, etc. court require the flexibility to define their own unique processes: payment plan terms and conditions, community service plan terms and conditions, preferred language, dunning letter and card format/content, timing between significant events, cashiering, etc.  Every court is autonomous - we learned this fact early and the hard way.  Ask us about this story.

Since 2007, we've enabled counties and cities across the country to cashier, collect, and account for over $500,000,000 - yes, that's 1/2 billion dollars.  They're averaging over $60,000,000 annually with an average collections rate that exceeds 70%.


"Friends of the court as well as the defendants..."


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