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Collector Perspective.

Imagine arriving at the office each day and not having to research individual cases to determine who paid, who didn't pay, who needs a card or letter, what card or letter do they need, etc. 

An inefficient and ineffective process can be tedious and mind-numbing.  What if all your letters and/or cards are already automatically queued for printing?  Ok, print them.  What if all your calls are already queued for calling?  Ok, trigger automatic (dialer) calls with custom messages based on their case status.  What if you could import cases, assessments and payments?  Ok, import them.  Need to export case to your third-party collection vendor or others?  Ok, export them.  Need to generate stock and/or custom reports?  Ok, run them.  So what do you do with the other seven hours and forty-five minutes of your workday?   Hmmm...

Our theory is that defendants and respondents can be categorized into three general groups based on predictive behavior.  Each group requires a tailored collections process based on their behavior.  As your collections process matures and additional behavior is revealed, your collections process (notices, calls, and timing) can be improved and shaped to maximize compliance.    

Three behavioral generalizations:

  • Always compliant - this group requires very little, if any, daily collector management.  Put them on a payment or community service plan and they will diligently comply with all the terms of their installment agreement.  Y(our)™ goal.
  • Never compliant - this group refuses to comply.  While most collector efforts will be futile, they must be documented for subsequent justice efforts.  For these individuals, progressively threatening actions may suffice: Omnibase (TX DPS Failure To Appear Program) Drivers License flagging, Scofflaw, annual coordinated Warrant Roundups, skip-tracing, etc.  Y(our)™ goal is to transform them into being "occasionally compliant".
  • Occasionally compliant - this group requires occasional and perhaps routine encouragement or positive reinforcement.  In most cases, they truly want to comply but "life" has a tendency to get in their way.  It must be instilled within them that someone, somewhere is always monitoring their compliance and misbehavior will not be tolerated.  If they fail to report to Collections as directed by the courts, they may need a FTA (Failure To Appear) letter.  If they fail to make an agreed upon scheduled payment, they may need an automated reminder call or perhaps a letter.  Y(our)™ goal is to transform them into being "always compliant". 

Since 2007, we've enabled counties and cities across the country to cashier, collect, and account for over $500,000,000 - yes, that's 1/2 billion dollars.  They're averaging over $60,000,000 annually with an average collections rate that exceeds 70%.


"Simple, innovative and intuitive.  Engineered for you, by you..."


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