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Collections Manager Perspective.


"The court needs...", "A county commissioner or city council person has requested...", "A new legislative mandate now requires...", "Why do we have such a backlog of...".

How efficient is your current process?  Do your collectors waste a significant percentage of their time researching individual cases to determine:  Who has paid?  How much have they paid?  When is the next payment due date?  What is the next payment due amount?  Is a dunning letter required?  If so, which letter?  English, Spanish or another preferred language?  Do they use spreadsheets to manually manage plans?  Do they cut and paste case management and/or financial information into a word processor to print individual documents or use mail-merge?  Do they support multiple departments and courts - each having their own unique business rules?  Is their caseload increasing exponentially?  Do they have trouble pro-rating partial payments across multiple assessments?  Are they overwhelmed?  Are you? 

We've seen this movie before.  Its a nightmare...

We simply can accommodate any collections process - including yours.  One of our most favored Help Desk capabilities is our ability to shadow, only with your permission, staff real-time for remedial training and more importantly, when there is an issue and the person is standing right there at the counter or sitting across from your desk.  We can share your screen, keyboard and mouse and resolve the issue while you are on the phone with us - that's fanatical support.

Since 2007, we've enabled counties and cities across the country to cashier, collect, and account for over $500,000,000 - yes, that's 1/2 billion dollars.  They're averaging over $60,000,000 annually with an average collections rate that exceeds 70%.


"Organize the chaos..."


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