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Information Technology Perspective.

We empathize with Chief Information Officers and other similarly positioned decision makers. 

We recognize that political pressure can place IT in a compromising position.  Other stakeholders often fail to recognize that IT departments are also overwhelmed with responsibilities and resource challenged by budgetary constraints.  Its a daunting mission. 

Triage is necessary and collections and compliance improvement struggles to compete for attention and resources with politically important and other significant projects.  While IT is positioned to technologically qualify vendors and offers, their recommendations often fall on deaf ears.  This can be a death knell and represents the first step along a long and arduous path to eventual project failure. Along the trail, there will be strained professional relationships, wasted efforts, wasted monies, and more importantly - wasted time.  It can be ugly.  Everyone loses.

Based on our success, past performance, and market leadership, we can alleviate some of the IT performance pressure as a proven vendor in a niche we've pioneered and dominate.  As a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider, we can be the key piece in your puzzling collection and compliance IT strategy.  We host the solution in our private cloud from our San Antonio, Texas data center - a biometrically secure facility served by Time Warner® Telecom's Dedicated Transport Services with fiber connectivity that is monitored and managed by: Cisco®, Dell®, Microsoft®, and Fortinet® certified partners.  With our Rapid Application Development (RAD) philosophy, we can quickly respond to unanticipated requirements.  This is our core competency.        

Our customers simply require reliable Internet access.  A single desktop, workgroup, or enterprise solution!  

Since 2007, we've enabled counties and cities across the country to cashier, collect, and account for over $500,000,000 - yes, that's 1/2 billion dollars.  They're averaging over $60,000,000 annually with an average internal collections rate that exceeds 70%.


"Minimal, if any, impact on local IT resources..."


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