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Collaborative Value.

View it is as actively participating in a small town cooperative.  Our strategic partners and industry relationships support and strengthen your internal collection efforts. 

These subject matter experts have core competencies that contribute specialized knowledge and experience which translates into exponential value.  We also support all of your other cooperative relationships, at no additional expense. 

Together, we enable government collectors to routinely import: defendants, cases, assessments, payments, payment plans, and due diligence notes to and from your local and/or third-party case management systems such as Tyler Technologies.  Export cases to third-party collection firms such as Linebarger, Gogan, Blair & Sampson LLP.  Export calls for automated voice notification to firms such as Voice Broadcast and Global Connect and document the call results when applicable.  Export cases to your state Department of Motor Vehicles (Texas OmniBase or Florida D6) to flag driver's licenses.  Export cases to Accurint, Lexis-Nexis, Masterfiles, etc. for skip-tracing.  Integrate and/or interface with GovtPortal for flat rate real-time debit and credit card processing - both card present and not. 

Its extremely important that you not underestimate the significant value of having the capability, at no additional I-Plow expense, to exchange, import and/or export your data anywhere with anyone, anytime.  Our philosophy is to position you to proactively avoid your county or city from becoming a hostage and subject to the extortion of taxpayer monies from other vendors that simply don't play well with others.

Local policies change.  Local and state legislation changes.  Vendors routinely come and go.  Recognition and adaptation are necessary for long term success.


"Remember, its your data!  Whomever, wherever, whenever..."


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