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Skip-Tracing Benefit.

Often, cities and counties have a backlog of active cases and/or warrants (Capias pro fines) where the defendant address is suspect at best. Defendants, being rather transient, tend to frequently move from one address to another. While the courts often instruct the defendant to inform them or collections of their current address, they often fail to comply.  Warrant backlogs accumulate over time with uncollected value ranging from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands.

Innovative collectors often participate in coordinated state-wide roundups leveraging media attention

MasterFiles and Accurint™ from LexisNexis are examples of mutually beneficial third-party relationships where we can exchange your information to confirm and/or obtain the best public address and/or phone number available for a defendant. 

Social media is another potential resource to locate scofflaws.  Skip-tracing is often utilized on a case-by-case basis or in a batch process to resolve incomplete, undeliverable, or bad addresses. 


"Leverage social media to locate scofflaws..."


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