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Automatic Voice Notification (AVN) Benefit.

In Texas, cities and counties that exceed a certain population are required to implement an Office of Court Administration (OCA) approved internal collections program model or risk significant revenue loss. They are audited by both the OCA and Texas Comptroller.  Failure to comply with this legislative mandate jeopardizes their local retention of fees and state monies collected. One important compliance aspect that is routinely audited - a documented outbound call requirement. Experience has taught us that AVN improves compliance and substantially increases collected monies. Whether mandated or not, we strongly encourage our clients to implement automated reminder calls for impending scheduled payments and/or follow-up calls on missed payments. It's extremely successful!

We routinely provide and exchange information with numerous AVN solution providers including: Global Connect, US Netcom, and Voice Broadcasting Corp that offer a variety of hardware and software solutions. Your process can be configured to support broadcasting a single message or varying messages depending on the circumstance (by court, by case status, preferred language, etc.).


"Ask us about I-notify- ensuring outbound call compliance..."


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