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Conferences and Associations.

We understand the Technology Adoption Lifecycle and its five customer segments: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and the laggards - each segment having a differing personality trait.


We invite you to this 2016 Long Beach, California annual conference this summer to meet with us, our partners, our customers, and other stakeholders that actively service the government collections and compliance niche that share the single purpose of striving to maximize taxpayer value.  We are exhibiting in booth 635.


We invite you to this 2016 Anaheim, California annual conference in March to meet with us and others that share share a mission to improve government collections and compliance.  We've recently joined this organization as a corporate sponsor and look forward to meeting with attendees to share: challenges, successes and overall experiences.



Texas - our birthplace.  We're currently enabling several dozen counties in Texas alone including: Bexar County, Dallas County and Travis County.  Its important to never forget from where one came.  Tom Green County (San Angelo) was our first innovator.  Dallas County soon thereafter.  They truly are government collection and compliance innovators, pioneers and rock-stars.  Without their early guidance, experience, expertise, and support, we wouldn't be where we are today. 

Interested in our back-story?  Ask us.  Its one of our favorite topics.       

We especially look forward to attending this particular conference and meeting with our customers, prospective customers, Office of Court Administration staff, and other market vendors. 

We applaud our customers that have been formally recognized and received numerous peer awards ("Most Improved Collections Program", "Collector of the Year", etc.) within this organization.


"An open invitation to visit with us, our partners, and our rock-stars..."


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