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We are enablers.

Our relationships define us

We embrace the simple life - its a farm and ranch philosophy.  We start early.  We work late.  We value honesty, integrity, quality and friendship. We help our neighbors.  Our handshake is our bond.  We don't apologize for our ethics, morals, patriotism, and frugality.  In fact, we embrace them.  We work hard and beside our customers.  We do what we promise.  We make mistakes, admit them, and take whatever corrective action is necessary.  We're not perfect.  We say what we mean and we mean what we say.  We're extremely passionate about what we do. These seemingly long-lost traits reflect the true character of our organization. 

We enable internal government collectors to exhaust all reasonable efforts to collect fees, fines, court costs, restitution, probation, supervisory fees, and any other monies owed their county or city. Our initial emphasis was on court collections and compliance that was driven by our extensive law enforcement and justice system expertise and experience.  Customer successes have translated into a variety of collections of other monies owed their governmental entities - it can be a stand-alone or enterprise solution.

We provide a transparent, single-vendor innovative solution that includes: consulting; proprietary "de facto" collections best practices; and hosted technologies all supported by experienced subject matter experts who really care.  When you call us for assistance, you get a live person here in the United States who is empowered to solve the problem on the spot - not a "your call is very important to us...", blah, blah, blah.

Most importantly, we're always looking out for our customer's best interest.  Always!


"We're trustworthy!  Our customers genuinely like us..."


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