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Dallas County, Texas.

With a population that exceeds 2.4 million, their County Clerk and staff continue to be instrumental in shaping state and national justice collections and compliance policy and program behavior. They have a dedicated collections department that manages thousands of active payment and community service plans for a dozen County Courts and two Appellant Courts.  At last count, they had over 100,000 defendants and references with almost 2,000,000 due diligence events logged.

Unique highlights:

  • Daily, automated FTP synchronization with their mainframe case management system for cases, assessments and payments

  • Automated Voice Notification (AVN) information provided to Global Connect

  • Skip-tracing information provided to LexisNexis Accurint

  • Bilingual documents and outbound call messages based on defendant language preference

  • Juveniles with severable or split responsibility on the same case

  • Average annual collections exceed $12,000,000.00


"National collections and compliance innovators and pioneers..."


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